Channel baling presses and sorting plants

Presses and sorting plants

We offer presses and sorting equipment for the recycling industry. Depending on which waste or residual materials are pressed or sorted, the appropriate solution should be selected.


Channel baling presses

Anis channel balers are among the best balers in the world and can be used for many different materials. In addition, these presses offer a first-class ROI and the investment pays back very quickly.

Anis channel balers can be used to compress materials in such a way that they can be ideally transported. Used these are mainly plastic packaging, aluminum packaging, paper and cardboard.

Technical data

Channel sizes

750 - 1100 mm

Pressing force

40 - 205 t

Stamp push

2 - 60 t/h


Autom. Canning presses

The small can crusher from Anis score points due to their compact design and the possibility to work in continuous operation. The can crusher are inexpensive to purchase and reduce landfill costs as well as transportation costs. The small can presses can be used to press both UBC and steel cans from tin.

Technical data


40 x 40 x 30 cm


Conveyor belts

Anis conveyors can be customized to meet customer specific needs and are suitable for conveying many different materials. The conveyors are extremely durable and can handle heavy loads.


Sorting plants

The waste sorting equipment is particularly well suited for separating unfiltered household waste. These sorting systems can also be used to separate other mixed material streams. The waste sorting systems can also be equipped with other accessories. For example, separating conveyors, heavy chain conveyors or storage bunkers can be combined with the sorting systems.

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