Liros Electronic

ist global führend auf dem Gebiet der Elektrostatik und
lieferte 1963 das erste System zur kontinuierlichen Beseitigung
statischer Elektrizität.
Ring ionizer
Bar ionizer
Nozzle ionizer
Injection molding
Blow molding

The company Liros Electronic is the worldwide leading expert on the subject electrostatics and delivered in 1963 the first system for continuous elimination of static electricity. Today, the manufactured antistatic systems are delivered throughout the world.

In collaboration with Liros, adequate solutions for problems with static electricity from the beginning of the production process are elaborated. The focus is on delivering original equipment manufactures (OEMs), distributors, merchants and end-users. In addition, a reliable customer service is offered by the enterprise.

No Static Systems describes a complete product range of Liros which consists of antistatic devices and charging systems. These are flexible and customized solutions for the removal of problems caused by static electricity. With the devices, material can be ionized quickly and efficiently within a range of up to 1.000 mm.

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